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Photoshop plugins:

For all compatible applications such as PhotoLine or IrfanView.

RC Filters Overview

Adaptive Contrast Curve – adaptive contrast enhancement

Adaptive Histogram EQ – dramatic contrast or detail enhancement

Channel Saturation – adjust the chroma and vibrance of four or six opponent colors independently

Fine USM Sharpen/Deblur – full control over the unsharp masking and deconvolution processes:  luminosity mode, halo elimination, very high amounts, edge masking, and blend ranges

Glamour Blur – selective contrast reduction for portraits

Hue/Saturation Channels – extracts a hue or saturation channel from an RGB image

Retinex – adjust lightness and color based on human vision

RG Color – convert RGB images to the RG color space

Saturation Mask – create a saturation or chroma mask for a hue/saturation layer

Ultimate Hue/Saturation Control – selectively adjust chroma and vibrance

Very High Radius Contrast Mask – contrast masking for large images

Very High Radius High Pass Contrast – high radius high pass contrast enhancement for large images

Very High Radius Shadows/Highlights – a Shadows/Highlights control for large images

Very High Radius Unsharp Mask – high radius unsharp mask contrast enhancement for large images

favicon   Beyond the Digital Zone System

favicon   An Introduction to Photo Editing with PhotoLine
A comparison of PhotoLine’s interpolation methods

using curves in PhotoLine
YouTube video series:  Using Curves in PhotoLine, Tools, Techniques

Little Argyll GUI   The Little Argyll GUI 1.0

more color management:  Linux workflow | Argyll color patches
matrix calculator | gamut plotter | visual gamut boundary | xyY cross-section | Lab cross-section
ColorChecker Calculator | i1Profiler .cxf optimization files

tools:  optical centering | color sorter | HSL converter | LCh navigator

baryta paper comparison | Color Transformer 2 | Russell RGB | darkroom information
some notes on SilverFast HDR and VueScan Pro | Adobe lens profiles for Nikon D700

Alan Ross workshop

bibliography and links | Half Dome:  The Motion Picture | contact

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