Bibliography and Links

Basic books for beginners:

cover John P. Schaefer, The Ansel Adams Guide: Book 1: Basic Techniques of Photography
cover John P. Schaefer, The Ansel Adams Guide: Basic Techniques of Photography: Book 2

The next stage:

cover The Camera (Ansel Adams Photography, Book 1)
cover The Negative (Ansel Adams Photography, Book 2)
cover The Print (Ansel Adams Photography, Book 3)
cover Tim Rudman, The Photographer's Master Printing Course
cover Eddie Ephraums, Creative Elements: Landscape Photography-Darkroom Techniques
cover Eddie Ephraums, Gradient Light: The Art and Craft of Using Variable Contrast Paper
cover Ansel Adams, Examples: The Making of 40 Photographs

More advanced topics:

cover Phil Davis, Beyond the Zone System
cover Ctein, Post Exposure: Advanced Techniques for the Photographic Printer

Other topics:

cover Stephen G. Anchell, The Darkroom Cookbook
cover Gordon Hutchings, The Book of Pyro; Bitter Dog Press, P.O. Box 2324, Granite Bay, CA 95746
cover Tim Rudman, The Photographer's Toning Book: The Definitive Guide
cover Ansel Adams, Polaroid Land Photography


Photographers' Formulary

Tri-Ess Sciences Inc. (website is evidently down; write or call:  Tri-Ess Sciences, 1020 Chestnut St, Burbank, CA 91506; (818) 848-7838)

Reilly et al., Stability of Black-and-White Photographic Images, with Special Reference to Microfilm

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