.ti1 Customizer

Note:  as of version 1, the following has been incorporated into The Little Argyll GUI.

Custom patch sets may be created for the Argyll Color Management System and incorporated into .ti1 files created by the patch generator, targen.  The RGB color data format is


where the RGB values are the actual input, and calculated XYZ values are used for a number of other purposes.

The following script will convert the RGB-XYZ output of xicclu to .ti1 entries and add them to an existing .ti1 file.  It can also convert raw Lab or RGB values, but the xicclu method is recommended as it more accurately targets the device’s response.

Enter custom color values.  Duplicates (based on the integer RGB values) will be removed.

Value type:     

xicclu output has the form:

58.675717 40.085306 15.008152 [RGB] -> Lut -> 21.026675 21.374979 11.935363 [XYZ]

Lab or RGB values should be separated by white space and/or commas, one per line, such as:

50 0 0

L range is 0 to 100; a and b, -128 to 127; and RGB, 0 to 100 (not 255).

Enter the text of a .ti1 file:


Combined .ti1 file:

The default RGB-XYZ conversion profile for .ti1 files created without a pre-conditioning profile is sRGB with a black point of (1, 1, 1).  Values which are run backward through a pre-conditioning device profile, as targen does, are more accurate.  xicclu duplicates this process and allows the specification of custom colors.

See Custom Argyll Color Patches for more information.


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