A Command Line I Ching

Here is a Bash script, IChing, that allows you to use the I Ching from the command line.  It was written on Ubuntu MATE 20.04.
russell@focal-desktop:~$ IChing
Please enter six numbers between 1 and 8:
40:2,5 — 45

====   ====   ====   ====
==== x ====   ===========
===========   ===========
====   ====   ====   ====
=====o=====   ====   ====
====   ====   ====   ====

40. Deliverance, Release
The south and west are favourable.
If there is no activity to be accomplished there is good fortune in returning.
If there is activity unfinished a speedy end is favoured.

Line 2 goes yin -
He kills three foxes.
One yellow arrow.
Continuance in the way brings good fortune.

Line 5 goes yang -
The superior man alone can free himself.
Good fortune.
Smaller men can only follow.

45. Gathering Together
Gathering together.
The king approaches the temple.
To see the great man is an advantage, ensuring success.
Continuance in the way is rewarded.
Great sacrifice. Good fortune.
Movement is helpful.


russell@focal-desktop:~$ IChing -h

The I Ching Bash script allows you to consult the I Ching
by choosing hexagram lines as if using the colored marble method.

The user is prompted to enter six numbers between 1 and 8.
Eight “marbles” are shuffled prior to each number’s entry.
The hexagram line is determined by the marble corresponding to the number
chosen by the user.
The marble distribution is that of coin odds (6 7 7 7 8 8 8 9).
If you change your mind, press q to quit.

The translation is The I Ching Oracle by Nigel Richmond,
with the addition of text for hexagrams 1 and 2, all lines changing.

Usage: IChing [option]

<six line numbers>
       Display the result of line numbers generated by another means,
       such as 787698.

<hexagram number>
       Display the indicated hexagram and text.

-h     Display this help and exit.

For more information, please visit russellcottrell.com/VirtualYarrowStalks.


russell@focal-desktop:~$ IChing 50

====   ====
====   ====

50. The Cauldron
The cauldron.
Greatest good fortune.

Line 1 goes yang -
The Ting is turned upside down to remove decaying matter.
A concubine for the sake of sons.

Line 2 goes yin -
The Ting is full.
The others are in trouble and cannot harm me.
Good fortune.

Line 3 goes yin -
The handles of the Ting are changed.
Progress is stopped.
The fat of the pheasant is not eaten.
Regret ends with the coming of rain.
In the end good fortune.

Line 4 goes yin -
The legs of the Ting break.
The prince’s meal is spilled and his person soiled.

Line 5 goes yang -
The Ting has yellow handles with gold rings.
Continuance in the way brings good fortune.

Line 6 goes yin -
The Ting has rings of jade.
Great good fortune.
Everything is favourable.