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This is experimental.  I never had much interest in astrology because the heavens are like a big clock, virtually 100% predictable, and I am more attracted to random or at least unpredictable events such as yarrow stalks or cards.  But the archetypes of astrology would seem to be at least as meaningful as those of the Tarot, and the practice is much older than the I Ching.  So why not use astrological symbols as an oracle that the user consults in Tarot-like fashion?

Well, here it is.  The first three fans are planets, zodiac signs, and houses, respectively.  They start out shuffled; shuffle again if you prefer.  Click one card from each fan to select it.  Then, if the “planet” was the moon, a fourth fan will appear below for the moon phase.  You may show the planets, signs, or houses if you want to consult for a specific one.

If you are curious, the entire deck is displayed at the bottom of the page.

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Choose a planet, a sign, and a house:

In a nutshell, planets represent “energies,” zodiac signs color the expression of those energies, and the houses are where the energies are most likely to manifest.

For example, let’s say your cards are Mars, Libra, and the third house.  Mars is masculine, energetic, possibly aggressive.  Libra represents balance and harmony.  And the third house represents communication and one’s everyday relationships.  This suggests the need to control the energetic and aggressive aspects of your interactions with others.

Note that this is an oracle that uses astrological symbols and archetypes; it is not any sort of horoscope.


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