A Light Theme for RawTherapee

Since incorporating the GIMP Toolkit, RawTherapee has not had a light theme.  I have thus modified the TooWaBlue theme by TooWaBoo.

The following works with RT 5.0 and 5.1:

For RT 5.2, use this updated TooWaLight-GTK3-20_.css file:

For RT 5.3, use this one:


The RawTherapee installation folders are as follows:

• Windows 7, Program Files\RawTherapee\5.0-r1-gtk3, 5.1, or 5.2\

• Linux, /usr/share/rawtherapee/

• Mac OS 10.10, right-click the RawTherapee app – Show Package Contents; Contents/Resources/bin/

In the installation folder, copy the following files and folders:

• TooWaLight-GTK3-_19.css and TooWaLight-GTK3-20_.css into the themes folder

• the twb folder into themes\images

• the Dark folder into the images folder

This will replace the images used by the original TooWaBlue theme; copy or rename the original twb and Dark image folders.  The new Dark images are a little more subtle than the ones in the Light folder.  In Linux, make sure that the new folders have the following permissions:

Owner:  root
Folder access:  Create and delete files

Group:  root
Folder access:  Access files

Folder access:  Access files

Apply Permissions to Enclosed Files

For RT 5.0 (and 5.1 with Windows), my installations of Windows 7 and Ubuntu MATE 16.04 use TooWaLight-GTK3-_19.css.  Korora 25 MATE (based on Fedora 25) and Mac OS X 10.10 use TooWaLight-GTK3-20_.css.  For RT 5.2, Windows 7 now uses TooWaLight-GTK3-20_.css.

Updated 11/6/2017.