The Polytonic Greek Virtual Keyboard The Polytonic Greek Virtual Keyboard

Typing the following keys will convert the preceding vowel or rho to the combined Unicode character with diacritical marks:

/ acute,  \ grave,  = circumflex,  ] smooth,  [ rough,  | iota subscript,  + diaeresis, - breve,  _ macron.

Type the letter, then the marks.  Type a mark a second time to remove it.  For capitals, type the breathing before a circumflex.  Some marks (breve and macron) must be removed before others can be added.

Final sigma will automatically be corrected before a non-letter character, and vice versa.

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The virtual keyboard:

The accessory character map (click to insert character):

Enter character using code: 
Use either decimal (no leading zero) or hexadecimal (like 0x1F00) Unicode values.

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Use regular expression syntax (including backslash before special characters).
Uncheck "use keyboard map" above to enter ASCII characters.

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This page works in Internet Explorer, and Opera except that the font of the textarea cannot be changed.  (Mozilla Firefox and Netscape do not support the text range object, necessary for conversion of the characters.)

If your OS can open .hta files, you can save this page and change the extension to .hta.

Text will insert at the cursor; check its position if you have clicked outside the textarea.

A Unicode polytonic Greek font is required.

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