The Polytonic Greek Virtual Keyboard
Enter Unicode Greek characters via the keyboard.  Text inserts at the cursor position.  (This document only works in Internet Explorer and Opera at present.  Mozilla Firefox and Netscape do not support the text range object, necessary for conversion of the characters.)  Also converts text to either HTML or JavaScript code characters.

Improved over the previous version--diacritical marks may be placed on a character at any time, not just after the character is typed.  Interface is improved as well.  This version is easier to customize; the original version was so complicated that even I didnít understand it anymore.

Fixed 2/4/07--an IE security patch prevented changing the font by changing the stylesheet rules.  Workaround applied, should work now.

New 3/3/07--now works in Opera, except that the font of the textarea cannot be changed.  (It is a known Opera thing.)

The Unicode Range Viewer
This uses JavaScript to display 16x16 blocks of Unicode characters, with both hex and decimal codes.  You choose the Unicode range and the font, bold or italic.  It is useful for exploring the ranges and apperance of different fonts, and converting the hex code to decimal, as most published maps display only the former.

New as of 8/5/05--thanks to Ed Swartz for sending me the javascript code which allows the Unicode Range Viewer to display supplemental plane characters (above 0xFFFF) as surrogate pairs.  See the Surrogate Pair Calculator etc. below for more information.

New as of 3/3/07--Now works as a universal virtual keyboard; go to any code page and click a character to create text, then convert it to HTML if desired.  (This was a natural extension of the previous versions of the range viewer, but after I made it I realized that it now bears an eerie resemblance to BabelMap by Andrew West.)

The Surrogate Pair Calculator etc.
A collection of scripts and background information concerning displaying and scripting Unicode surrogate pairs.  Also converts any Unicode text to HTML numeric character references, using both single codepoint values and surrogate pairs.

The Greek Number Converter
Converts numbers to the alphabetic Greek format.  The only converter of its type that I know of.

Alt code viewer
Just for fun, similar to the Unicode range viewer but displays the ascii Alt codes for characters thru 255.

These utilities are licensed for non-commercial personal or academic use, and may be freely distributed with the license information and web page link intact.

They are distributed as donationware; see www.russellcottrell.com/greek/license for information.