The Hue/Saturation Channels .8bf Plugin


Hue/Saturation Channels is a utilitarian filter intended to assist in the selection or masking process.

• Unlike hue, which wraps around a starting point, hue difference prevents the splitting of closely-spaced hues into black and white.

• Rotate rotates the hues, and moves the point from which hue and saturation difference are calculated.  This can help isolate certain hues, or areas of intermediate saturation.

• Auto levels is applied by default to maximize the value separation.

Works with 8- or 16-bit RGB images.


Download the zipped file, then copy the plugin, the help file, and the demo registration key into your plugins folder.  The filter will appear under “RC Filters.” version 1.2, 406 KB, 64-bit applications. version 1.2, 401 KB, 32-bit applications, Windows 32 or 64 bit.

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MD5 Checksum: FC4EA27E11CAA3648DC67EC1C3FA51E5
SHA-256 Checksum: 8C779D315B9E06C3AF4688507EBB1CC40CB502CEB20951E72F51FE1C85CF5033
MD5 Checksum: 446650BD7A22C76E7D968456A9914776
SHA-256 Checksum: 02EE26BCF489826D90D371B2A44A82D552CCB98CB2EBFA393560AD3C0E90F25E


The unregistered filters will save images up to 720 pixels in width and/or height.  Please purchase a registration key for $9.00 which unlocks all of the RC Filters.  Use the PayPal link below and I will e-mail you a text file (RCFKey.txt) to copy into your plugins folder.  Be sure to use a valid e-mail address (I don’t sell or give them away).  If you previously paid for any of the RC Filters, message me and I will send you a registration key.  The filters come with a demo key; if properly installed, the dialog will say “Demo key” when you click the About button.  Questions . . . .

The filters, the help files, and the registration key all go into the same folder.  It may help to make an RC Filters subfolder.  Each filter has a link back to the plugin folder on the About dialog for easy access.

© 2018 by Russell Cottrell; released under the GNU General Public License.
Updated 3/14/2018.