The Four Channel Saturation .8bf Plugin


Four Channel Saturation allows you to adjust the chroma and vibrance of the four opponent colors independently.  It is similar to using L*a*b* curves, but uses the YCbCr color space with RGB images.

A major difference between this type of saturation adjustment and the use of a Hue/Saturation layer is that this method may change the hue as well as the saturation.  It is useful for separating colors of low saturation, such as the tints of weathered wood; or closely-spaced colors, such as the greens of mixed foliage.

The lightness of each color may also be adjujsted.

The histogram is a saturation histogram.  White (background) is the original image; black (foreground) is the processed image.

Works with 8- or 16-bit RGB images.


Download the zipped file, then copy FourChannelSaturation.8bf into your plugins folder.  It will appear under “RC Filters.” version 1.110, 259 KB, 64-bit applications.  It works for me in Photoshop CS5 and PhotoLine 20, Windows 7. version 1.110, 255 KB, 32-bit applications, Windows 32 or 64 bit.  It works for me in IrfanView 4, Windows 7. |  source code

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Updated 9/19/2015.